How can I write a "polite" cancellation email? Dear italki friends, can you help me? I am sick, must be in hospital. So, I must cancel a talk at a conference oversea country. I am not sure if my email-cancellation is polite a lot. Can you check my email, as follows link? Thank you in advance for your support.
Dec 7, 2017 7:52 AM
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Title Cancellation of my talk on 8th Dec. --> Title: Cancellation of presentation scheduled on 8th December 2017 I am awfully sorry, but I have to cancel my talk scheduled at 11 AM on Friday, "Talk Title". --> I am terribly sorry, but I have to cancel my talk, titled "Talk Title", which is scheduled at 11 AM on Friday, 8th December 2017. Actually, I should have left on yesterday night. But the day before yesterday overnight I become sick—too sick to even travel from France to Indonesia. --> In fact, I should have left from France yesterday evening. However, I became (or: felt) sick the day before yesterday. I was (simply) too sick to travel. I am very sorry that I did not attend many preparations. Also, I am very sorry for those who expected my presentation particularly. I would like to share my presentation script for them, if I may, as an attachment (PDF File) in this email or via the link below (with sound examples) www.... --> I am very sorry that I was not able to perform the presentation. I am also very sorry for those who have particularly expected for my presentation. (in another paragraph) --> To this extent, I would like to share my presentation script, as given in the attachment file (in PDF format) of this email. Sound (or: Voice) examples are also available via the link below: www... I thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused you. --> Thank you (very much) for your understanding, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that might have caused. Best regards, Sonia (from France) === 良い一日をお過ごしください。/I wish you a good day.
December 7, 2017
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