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Halo!! Apa kabar?! Can anyone help me learn some INDONESIAN slang? ^^ (PLEASE HELP ME!!) Ha ha ha please help me!! ^^ i don't want to sound too much like a foreigner!! ha ha....
Feb 7, 2008 4:39 AM
Answers · 4
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April 11, 2013
halo apa kabar juga? luis im from indoonesia
February 14, 2008
you have to hear them ^_^ that's the uniqueness of Indonesian language, the written language is different from the oral (vernacular) language. It also depends on where you're going to spend your time in Indonesia too. Renata's answer below, for example, mostly used in the capital Jakarta. Different cities use different slang. See also for more information on "Bahasa gaul" (slang)
February 12, 2008
hai Luis, pa kabar? if you dont want to sound like a stranger, here is some tips for you Change the word 'saya' to 'aku/gue', 'memang' to 'emang', 'sudah' to 'udah/dah', 'selamat' to 'met', 'tidak' to 'ga', 'semoga' to 'moga', 'saja' to 'aja', and almost (but not all) the words end with '-kan' can be changed to '-in'. ex: 'menemukan' >> 'nemuin' ok, i hope it works ^^
February 8, 2008
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