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I'm poor in hear and speak English. Coz I leand English only via text book. How can i improve them? skype로 외국인 친구를 많이 사귀엇습니다. 하지만 voice chat 을 할때는 그들이 하는 말을 전혀 못알아듣습니다.. 내가 하고 싶은 말도 빨리 안나옵니다. 말하고 듣는 연습을 어떻게 해야 하나요?
Feb 9, 2008 4:46 AM
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I'm willing to teach you English :-)
October 18, 2010
You can improve that by "hearing" and " speaking" . You listen to any audio material like music , lectures , movies or whatever you like on the net , CDs , TV . You try to speak loud and repeat what you hear from audio courses or teacher . You speak with people who speak good english and listen to them .You can use italki here for some practice too for example . Good luck:)
February 9, 2008
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