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Do westerners enjoy traveling around after retiring, which is different from Chinese?
12 de dic de 2007 14:02
Answers · 3
If u stop moving, thinking, dreaming, u retire from life. That is the worst nightmare for the old people. So they try to stop oldness and cheating death (foolish thought) by staying active, if they have enough money they travel, if don’t then they make with friends chorus bands and travel all country from town to town in any little festival that happens in Greece through the Year (I know this, it’s funny though lol).
14 de Diciembre de 2007
Yeah, it's also true in the US. By the time people retire, they generally aren't taking care of kids, and they can start using their pensions (social security). My impression in China is that parents decide to live with their kids. I think this has to do partly with values (they want to be with their kids), economics (they don't have large pensions, they didn't save that much) and also with the general feeling that the Chinese that age don't travel (or have the desire to travel) as much as Westerners. Just my opinion...
12 de Diciembre de 2007
Yes they do, in England for example retiring gives you the opportunity to do all those things that you wanted to do. And seen as many old retired people don't have much else going on, travelling is a welcome distraction.
12 de Diciembre de 2007
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