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Caleb Johansen
I found somewhere that both خوابیدن and خواب رفتن mean to sleep. How should I use each one?
Aug 2, 2018 4:41 PM
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In everyday Farsi people use خوابیدن when they are talking about going to sleep . to fall asleep means به خواب رفتن . it`s more common in literary texts. شاهزاده به خواب شیرینی رفت. In everyday farsi we use خواب بردن instead of به خواب رفتن..example: وقتی تلویزیون نگاه میکردم خوابم برد
August 3, 2018
Hello my friend. I was wondering why you want to learn Farsi?
August 2, 2018
خوابیدن sleep example: او خوابید= he slept خواب رفتن fell asleep example: او به خواب رفت= he fell asleep
November 18, 2018
In Farsi, both of them are the same apparently. But for use, you have to know the right situation. For به خواب رفتن, you are so tired that you can not control yourself. your eyes are closed unintentionally. I.e. من از سرکار برگشتم. از خستگی زیاد به خواب رفتم. For خوابیدن, it is general and like sleep is used. I.e. من از سرکار برگشتم. از خستگی زیاد خوابیدم.
August 2, 2018
Caleb Johansen
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