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Mature Spanish family I understand that a mature woman is "una mujer mayor" but can anyone with good level of Spanish tell me what is the meaning of "Mature Spanish family"? Thanks in advance.
2 de Ago de 2018 às 18:22
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Hola Gloria Es difícil saber lo que quiere decir 'Mature Spanish family' sin contexto. Quizá quiere decir que no hay niños/jovenes en la familia y todos los miembros son adultos, o quizás es una familia antigua de la que se sabe que los origenes de la familia se remotan al siglo XV11.
4 de Agosto de 2018
Hi the term "Mature Spanish Family" seems not to have any sense unless you give a context. Anyhow, you would translate it as FAMILIA MADURA ESPAÑOLA. if you said "mature Spanish Family guy", you would translate MUCHACHO MADURO DE FAMILIA ESPAÑOLA and that would give a description and information about the noun.
3 de Agosto de 2018
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