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kurt vdv
Which is more correct... "Farverne er røde og hvide" or "Farverne er rød og hvid"?? I have been using Duolingo to help me in between tutoring sessions and it wanted me to translate "The colors are red and white" into Danish. I wrote the first one because I was thinking two colors would make it plural. And even moreso since the word "farverne" itself is plural. Why did it say the second one was right?? In this context, should I be dealing with each color as individuals even though they appear together in a sentence and with a plural??
Aug 3, 2018 8:45 AM
Answers · 4
"Farverne er rød og hvid" is correct because in this context, "rød" and "hvid" act as nouns, instead of adjectives. As such, you use the uninflected form. If you were instead talking about a bunch of cars and describing their colors, you would be using "rød" and "hvid" as adjectives, and would need to decline them for agreement with the subject. That sentence would read: "Bilerne er røde og hvide".
August 3, 2018
kurt vdv
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