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올리비아 (Olivia)
Korean adjectives Words like 아름답다, 귀엽다, 피곤하다, they are considered as verbs or adjectives? If they are adjectives, are there any adjectives who don't conjugate? How can I know if I must conjugate a adjective or not?
Aug 4, 2018 1:10 AM
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You can use "한국어-영어학습사전"Korean-English Learners' Dictionary ( to find out whether the word is an adjective or a verb. According to the dictionary, all 3 words are adjectives. And all adjectives ending with -다 are conjugated adjectives. Adjective which is not conjugated is called 관형사(determiner) There are 3 types of determiner 1) 성상 관형사(characteristic) 새, 헌, 헛, 풋, 온갖, 갖, 오른, 잡(雜), 생(生), 고(故), 각(各) 2) 지시 관형사(demonstrative) 이, 그, 저, 어느, 아무, 이런, 그런, 저런, 딴, 모(某), 현(現), 전(前), 당(當), 차(此), 피(彼), 타(他) 3) 수 관형사(numeric) 한, 두, 세, 네, 다섯, 여섯, 스무, 일, 이, 반(半), 전(全), 총(總)
August 4, 2018
올리비아 (Olivia)
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