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English Sounds I have some difficulties with English sounds, I think that I should learn them well to master my English and improve my pronunciation anyone can suggest perfect resources which may help me ? Thanks
Aug 4, 2018 4:22 PM
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It is extremely difficult to improve pronunciation by yourself. Teaching pronunciation is a subspeciality within teaching English. Relatively few teachers having training in phonetics and phonology. A qualified teacher will make a large difference in a few lessons. You will practice "hearing" the sounds and "making" the sounds. I have taught North American pronunciation to Arabic speakers. Usually, they have great difficulty hearing the differences between these twelve words: beet, bit, bait, bet, bat, bot, bout, bite, but, boat, book, and boot. Once a student has learned to "hear" (distinguish) the sounds (phonemes) of the language, they progress reasonably well in learning to produce these sounds. After that, lots of practice is needed (listening practice with audio books and similar resources and speaking practice with teachers or conversation partners). Good luck !!
August 4, 2018
If you mean the actual sounds that we use in English then you could look at the phonemic chart from the British Council
August 4, 2018
My friend improved his pronunciation with this website: Have a look! Maybe it will help you :)
August 4, 2018
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