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意味合い何ですか 問いかける、たずねる、聞く、たのむ "to ask"という同じ意味ですか?違いは何ですか? 同じ意味ある他の言葉がありますか? ありがとうございます!
4. Aug 2018 18:37
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Yes, they have the same meaning, "to ask". In my opinion, “問いかける" is more like "to give question" even you know the answer. These are example sentences of "問いかける" e.g. 私は自分自身に今何をすべきなのかを問いかけた。I asked myself what I need to do now. e.g. 教授は学生達に労働の必要性について問いかけた。 The professor asked students about necessity of working. I hope this helps:-)
5. August 2018
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