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What is the difference? It is the other way around. It is totally different. It is the exactly opposite. It is the different story. What is the difference? Is the same meaning?
Aug 5, 2018 6:09 AM
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- It is totally/completely/entirely different = One thing is different from another with nothing in common. - It is A different story => The existing way, practice, or situation is irrelevant. It is a different situation now. - It is the other way around => The way something is done/understood is wrong. The reverse is correct. - It is the EXACT opposite / It is exactly the opposite. => Similar to "other way around", but it is precisely the opposite. Examples: * "Apples and oranges are totally different. There is no connection or relationship of any kind between them". * "There have been world wars, but now we have nuclear weapons. The next world war will be a different story." * "Are the forest fires causing global warming?" " No, it's probably the other way around. Global warming is causing the fires ("the other way around" means opposite or in reverse, but it usually describes ordering, direction, or flow of logic) * Did Mr Smith ask Mr Jones for help and Mr Jones declined?" "No. it's the exact opposite. Mr Jones asked and Mr Smith declined". (You can only say "exact opposite" to things that can be described with precision as in this example)
August 5, 2018
Hi Harry. All of them are really similar but I'll try to point out some differences for you. the other way around: we use the other way around for something that should be in the opposite direction/position: e.g. You've just put the fork on the right and the knife on the left. They should be the other way around. (the fork should be on the left and the knife on the right). It's the other way around: you use this phrase when you want to say the opposite situation is true: e.g. I usually call our clients in the morning and Mark usually runs errands and sometimes it's the other way around. (Sometimes I run errands and Mark calls our clients) It's the exact opposite/ It's totally (completely) different: I'd say these two are synonyms. You use this phrase when you want to say that two people or things or situations are really/ totally different: e.g. Mark always smiles - he's the exact opposite of his brother! (= his brother never/ rarely smiles). You can also say: Mark and his brother are totally different. Mark always smiles but his brother never smiles. It's a different story: you use this phrase when you talk about one situation that is completely different from another situation, e.g.: Whenever I meet with my German friends, they are always on time but it's a different story with my Brazilian friends - they are always late! :). : When I was younger I didn't worry about money, but now it's a different story. (now I worry about money all the time).
August 5, 2018
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