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「Profile picture」有没有一个中文等价? 我看过“个人资料图片”和“头像”等翻译,但我不知道是否正确
2018年8月5日 08:04
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Use 头像 would be better and more common, or if you want to be more specific, you could say 个人头像. 头像implies the profile picture you put on social platforms, but using 个人照片or个人相片when you mention the profile picture on formal or offical documents would be more proper. Besides, 个人资料图片doesnt necessarily mean profile picture, it could be the picture of your whole profile, not just your picture, but also other details, so it should be 个人资料相片. ( 相片implies the pictures with people's look, but 图片could be any kinds of pictures)
一般用頭像就可以了,至於個人資料圖片, 只要它被放在正確的位置(看起來像要放照片的地方), 我認為也行得通。
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