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what doe " the therm. 1 deg. "here mean? To February 19, hard frost, with two thaws; one, the 14th of January, the other, the 5th of February: to February 28, mild, wet fogs. To the 3rd of March, frost, with ice: to March 10, sleet and snow. To April 2, snow and hard frost: to April 27, mild weather, with much rain. To May 12, cold, drying winds: to May 20, hot, cloudless weather. To June 27, warm, with frequent showers. To July 18, hot and dry. To the end of August, warm with heavy rains. To November 6, clear, mild, autumnal weather, except a few days of rain at the latter end of September. To the end of the year, fog, rain, and hard frost (on December 10, the therm. 1 deg. below 0.)
2018年8月5日 14:25
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It means Theormeter at 1 degree below zero. BEWARE: This text is very badly written in English. Do not use for learning purposes. 请注意:这本文章的英语非常不好,不可以将其作为学习的参考材料。
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