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Alisa Morgunova
How to write it correctly? There's a sentence like "I'm a guy whom a suntan does not fit to". Is it correct? If not, how to write a sentence like this?
5 sie 2018 21:09
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Thank you all very much!
6 sierpnia 2018
I'm the kind of guy [who / that / whom] a suntan doesn't suit fit - for physical dimensions: the suit doens't fit me - it is too long or short fit to: she was declared fit to play suit - for style : red shoes suit some women no need to use relative pronoun as it is the object of the sentence and can be omitted whom sounds old fashioned / pretentious / laboured
5 sierpnia 2018
So if you need to specify gender, you could use "I'm a guy that a suntan doesn't look good on" or if gender isn't as important you could use "I'm the type of person that doesn't look good with a tan". Just a few examples in informal speech that I would use.
5 sierpnia 2018
I understand it's possible to say it simply but I need to get such structure of that sentence.
5 sierpnia 2018
I would say it in a very simple way: The suntan doesn't look good on me. [emoji]
5 sierpnia 2018
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