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Case use here ? Hei. Yks tärkeimmistä asioista, ku muuttaa toiseen maahan tai käy vaan lomalla, on pystyä käydä kaupassa ja ostaa ruokaa ja kaikkea, mitä tarvii. I'm wondering why 'tärkeimmistä asioista' is marked with the -sta case ? I understand when -sta is used to mean 'about' but in this sentence it doesn't really make sense because the person goes on to say 'ku' which sort of makes it not make sense. To me it would make sense if there was no 'ku' because then in English it would mean 'One of the most important things about moving to another country.' Can anyone explain this ? Thanks in advance.
Aug 6, 2018 6:09 AM
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Hei Phil, In Finnish, elative can also express ''a part of a certain quantity''. 30% saksalaisista puhuu hyvin englantia. (30% of German people speak English very well.) Kaksi teistä. (Two of you.) *Since the subject is a group of/ a part of something, the predicative verb is always in the 3rd. pers. singular. (Just like partitive case.) In your example, ''yksi + elative plural = one of the...''. (Note that if an adjective is added before the noun, you have to follow the agreement, that is, adjective, pronoun or numeral in front of the noun is in the same case and number as the noun.) I'll give you some examples: Saara on yksi tunnetuimmista laulajista. (Saara is one of the most famous signer.) Tunnettu > famous, tunnetuin > the most famous, yksi tunnetuimmista > one of the most famous Oulu on yksi maailman kiinnostavimmista paikoista. (Oulu is one of the most interesting place in the world.) I am not native Finnish speaker, any correction from native is welcomed!
August 6, 2018
I need explanation too :|
August 6, 2018
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