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Bryan Chua
What is the difference between たおれる、おちる、おとす? What is the difference between たおれる、おちる、おとす?
Aug 6, 2018 9:38 AM
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たおれる means "to fall/collapse". e.g. 母は仕事中にたおれた。(My mother fell down during work. ) e.g. その建物は地震でたおれた。(The building collapsed in the earthquake. おちる means "to fall in somewhere/something ". e.g. 彼は川におちた。(He fell into the river.) e.g. 彼は恋におちた。(He fell in love.) おとす means "to drop/let fall some thing/someone". e.g. 彼を川におとした。(I let him fall into the river.) e.g. カギをおとした。(I dropped my key.) *The example sentences are all past tense. I hope this helps:-)
August 6, 2018
Bryan Chua
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