Hello! Help me with this please, should I say "even though" or "even if"? For example, I go to work even if ( though? ) I am sick Thanks to all !
Aug 6, 2018 1:17 PM
Answers · 5
Your choice of tense is present simple. This may not be the correct choice for your meaning but I will assume it is, and that you are talking about factual/usual/frequent situations. Both IF and THOUGH are correct but used in different situations: a) IF "I go to work even if I am sick." = Whenever I am sick, I go to work. It is a normal practice for me. b) THOUGH "I go to work even though I am sick" = I go usually/every day despite my sickness (which must be quite a long-term and/or serious sickness).
August 6, 2018
hi! even though is used to express a fact. something that is real or true. for example: even though Mike is rich,he lives in a small house. even if is used in a supposition or hypothesis. even if had time and money,I wouldn't go on cruise (it's not because I have no money or time that I wouldn't go there. I have other reasons)
August 6, 2018
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