how to describe a series of action correctly sometimes, I have to describe a series of action which was taken place one after another, but i feel i cannot write conjunction correctly, please help me. for exemple, here are some actions, please write a few sentence with them: get up, dress, have coffe, go out , run, come back, take a shower, have breakfast, learn. thank you.
Aug 6, 2018 4:28 PM
Answers · 1
If the order is important then listing a series of events in that order is acceptable with commas inbetween. You are in danger of a run on sentence though so to sound fluid you may want to break up the sentences. Using "and" or "as well" can also smooth out this process. Here's a couple examples of how I might describe the morning's events you listed. "This morning I got up, dressed, and had coffee before going out to run. After I came back, I took a shower then had breakfast." "This morning after waking up and getting dressed, I had coffee. Then I went for a run; when I came back I took a shower and had breakfast as well." Both examples accurately describe the same series of events while avoiding run on and choppiness in the same order, but the second sentence was more complex. A semicolon (;) might be too advanced, so perhaps focus on alternating prepositions and conjunctions to sound more natural.
August 6, 2018
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