Giorgia Visconti
Learn to read write and speak spanish online - how to increase fluency? I'm going to spend a semester in Mexico next year and I really need to improve my Spanish level. Do you have any suggestion regarding the best tools and tips to Learn to read write and speak spanish online?
Aug 7, 2018 4:13 AM
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Hi, Giorgia. I hope you don't mind if I paste here the response I just offered in another thread. Your question is very similar, I think my answer can be useful: Low intensity program (or for very beginners): - Use apps on your smartphone. Do it daily. Duolingo or Memrise might be good options to start. - Listen to podcasts online or smartphone. There are some good resources too. Podclub have a good quality series and you can read the text while listening. And they have an app too. - Read books intended for small children. Don't be ashamed. Also that books can be chalenging when you start your learning. - Watch Spanish TV programs or movies with subtitles in your language. Medium intensity program (or for intermediate students): - Hire a teacher on Italki once a week - Read books intended for teenagers. Get the same book in your own and your target language. Read a chapter in your language, then in Spanish. - Watch Spanish TV programs with Spanish subtitles High intensity program (or advanced learners): - Keep hiring your teacher, why not? - Have exchanges with different people from different places around the world. Different accents, vocabulary and culture will make it more exciting and interesting. Also, you will be forced to teach a bit your own language, that is an interesting thing. - Read books aimed for adults, and avoid the use of dictionary as much as possible. - Watch TV programs, news or movies without subtitles.
August 7, 2018
Hi I'm from Mexico and if you don't mind we can exchange knowledge I teach you Spanish and you help me with my English.
August 7, 2018
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