Lorenzo Saviolo
Best spanish language course - tips for learning program I am a complete beginner and want to start learning the spanish language. i started to look for several courses but I can't decide which course is the best for me. Can someone provide me information for the Best spanish language course? If anyone has had a good experience with any teacher.
Aug 7, 2018 4:19 AM
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Here you are some ideas that reflects my own steps learning English, but valid for any language. Low intensity program (or for very beginners): - Use apps on your smartphone. Do it daily. Duolingo or Memrise might be good options to start. - Listen to podcasts online or smartphone. There are some good resources too. Podclub have a good quality series and you can read the text while listening. And they have an app too. - Read books intended for small children. Don't be ashamed. Also that books can be chalenging when you start your learning. - Watch Spanish TV programs or movies with subtitles in your language. Medium intensity program (or for intermediate students): - Hire a teacher on Italki once a week - Read books intended for teenagers. Get the same book in your own and your target language. Read a chapter in your language, then in Spanish. - Watch Spanish TV programs with Spanish subtitles High intensity program (or advanced learners): - Keep hiring your teacher, why not? - Have exchanges with different people from different places around the world. Different accents, vocabulary and culture will make it more exciting and interesting. Also, you will be forced to teach a bit your own language, that is an interesting thing. - Read books aimed for adults, and avoid the use of dictionary as much as possible. - Watch TV programs, news or movies without subtitles. I hope it helps!
August 7, 2018
One of the recommendations I would give you is to book trial lessons with different teachers until you find the one that fills up your needs. I have the material for teaching Spanish from A1 (begginer) until C2 (expert) and I can help you if you are interested
August 7, 2018
Take a look at Coffee Break Spanish
August 7, 2018
Hi Lorenzo, that depends on what you are looking for. But if your objective is to be able to communicate with Spanish speakers, I'll definitely recommend a general course based on a communicative approach, at least once a week. Anyways, the most important thing is that you enjoy the lessons. It is easier to stay focused, when you enjoy what you are doing! You can use your trial lessons to find a teacher you feel comfortable with. Good luck and let me know if you need anything else!
August 7, 2018
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