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Chinese: How do you write a "5 Ways to Lose Weight" list ike this? How do you say this in Simplified Chinese? 5 Ways to Lose Weight 1. eat smaller portions 2. eat clean veggies more often 3. stop drinking soda 4. go on a 30-minute walk every day 5. keep a diet journal *** Note: clean here means that the veggies aren't processed so they are healthier.
Aug 7, 2018 3:15 PM
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减肥的五个窍门: 1:减少每餐食物的量 2:多吃未加工的蔬菜 3:不喝苏打饮料 4:每天散步30min 5:记录节食情况
August 7, 2018
减肥的5个方法: 1.吃更少的量 2.多吃没有加工的蔬菜 3.不要喝碳酸饮料 4.每天散30分钟的步 5.做饮食计划
August 8, 2018
減肥的五個步驟: 1. 減少每餐的份量 2. 多吃未加工蔬菜 3. 不喝碳酸飲 4. 每天散步30分鐘 5. 記錄每日攝取的飲食
August 9, 2018
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