How do you think it is the best way to improve the English pronunciation? Hello everyone. My English is not perfect at all but I think that I have improved a little bit the last months, however, I feel that my pronunciation is still pretty bad. I am not able to difference simple things that are usually easy for english learners like the differences between British and American accent so I would like to ask you, what do you think that it is the best way to improve your hearing abilities in order to improve the pronunciation? Thank you in advance!
Aug 8, 2018 10:48 AM
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Speaking and listening skills are connected: usually, when you work on one you are automatically improving the other. It definitely helps to practise with either a native or a proficient speaker, but you might find not everyone has a clear accent - when it comes to natives, there are regional differences, and when it comes to non-natives, it depends on their natural abilities and how much work they've put into it (by "clear accent", I mean a more "standard" accent). It also helps a lot to get familiar with the IPA (there are slightly different versions for the British and the American varieties), and features of natural speech such as connected speech, intonation patterns, etc. If you don't have the chance to practise with someone, you may find lots of useful videos on YouTube to get a more accurate idea of how British and American people actually speak. Good luck!
August 8, 2018
you can read songs after the singer the more you do the more you become confident read a novel out loud voice practice it AP -- Free Lessons of Life
August 8, 2018
The best way you can improve your listening skill is through one on one interaction with an English speaker. In one on one interaction , you can practice your speaking and listening skills. You need to hire a tutor or you can look for native speaker partner. If there is no native speaker available, you can find someone who is already in a pretty good level in English.
August 8, 2018
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