Do any of you know what a comic con is ? 1. Is " comic con " a common term and are there any other ways of referring to it ? 2. what exactly does it mean ? 3. If I say that I attended a comic con , does it suggest that I were at the event dressing up as anime characters ( you know , it's also called cosplay ) or it simply means that i was there as a visitor ? 4. When apply company launches a new product , normally a conference will be held to notify the public , so what is this event called ? A press conference? I'm pretty confused about all these . Please help me out ! I'd appreciate it a lot !
Aug 9, 2018 12:47 PM
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1 + 2: Comic Con (Comic-Con, ComicCon) is short for Comic Convention, which started out as a convention for comic book fans, where you could buy comics, meet artists and writers, dress up as your favourite characters, etc. Nowadays, it has expanded in scope, so you will see people who work in film/TV, video and board games, and so on. You may also see the term FanExpo, which is a very similar type of event. 3: In this case, attending Comic Con just means that you went to the event. I went to one in my city earlier this summer, but didn't cosplay, though I wish I had! 4: You could call it a press conference, which implies that the press (newspapers, magazines, bloggers, etc.) is there. Such information could also be revealed at a panel, a product unveiling or even a demo, especially for video games and other electronic devices.
August 9, 2018
For beginners, I would recommend that you do an internet search on the topic where you will see lots of information. If you can't do a search then hopefully knowledgeable people will tell you some information here. There have been many of these conventions. They can be fun and entertaining besides being educational.
August 9, 2018
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