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I don't understand this in bosnian. When the ending of the words change? I noticed even with names. depending of what you are saying the ends of the names, words,etc. change. Can you explain me that?
Aug 11, 2018 3:36 AM
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Patricia, you probably is talking about the inflected words as the nouns are, for example. Such kind of words have their own declination by the cases, which are seven in our language. So we do not use the preposition for the determination of the nouns, pronouns, adjectives ad numbers, as you do, but those seven cases. Your name, PatriciJA, in our language will be declined in the following way: PatriciJA, (nominative), PatriciJE, (genitive), PatriciJI, (dative), PatriciJU, (accusative), PatriciJA. (vocative). PatriciJOM, (instrumetal), PatriciJI, (locative). For more understanding, I am giving you one more example of declination. DobrA Patricija = Good Patricia, dobrE PariciJE, dobrOJ PaticiJI, dobrU PatrijiJU, dobrA patriciJA, dobrOM PatriviJOM, dobrOJ PatriciJI. And remember, all of those inflected words have that wonderful declination by gender, number and cause. Good luck friend!
August 11, 2018
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