Ana Paula
How to say "basic, intermediary and advanced" in korean? Regarding levels of language proficiency
Aug 11, 2018 4:43 AM
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I think I've heard people use 초급 (beginner), 중급 (intermediate), 고급 (advanced) 급 (as far as I know :p) is usually associate with "class," "rank," or "level" 초 as a syllable/word block can be associated with "the beginning" 중 is often used in conjunction with other words to mean "middle" 중학교 = middle school, or like to construction "in the middle of verbing" through Verb stem -는 중이에요 "지금 가는 중이에요!!" = I'm coming right now!! (actually walking there, taking the bus..... etc) 고 can often just mean height, so together 고급 = something like high class or high level. So, I think you could say something like this: 한국어로 저는 초급이에요 "In (respect to) Korean, I'm a beginner" 한국어로 저는 중급이에요 " ....... I'm intermediate" 한국어로 저는 고급이에요 ".......... I'm advanced" Hope it helps! Native speakers could correct me probably :p
August 11, 2018
초급 중급 고급
August 11, 2018
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