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Are these sentences correct? Are these sentences correct? "Hopefully, you'll need no more explanation regarding his identity, as long as I strongly trust in his name's uniqueness." - "to fade away your confusion" - Hence, I wouldn't be writing this had it not been to that letter. Thanks!
11 août 2018 10:04
Answers · 9
"fade away" does not come with a direct object. You could say e.g. "... to make your confusion fade away" or "to gradually eliminate your confusion". I prefer my first option. Correction: "I wouldn't be writing this had it not been FOR that letter." No "hence" because conditional clauses ("had it not...") automatically come with consequence clauses. There is no need to use "hence" too.
11 août 2018
The first sentence is grammatically correct but the meaning is unclear. Perhaps further context would help us to understand but perhaps also the idea needs to be expressed in different words.
11 août 2018
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