Dmitry Elle
determining what part of the speech is it Hi, guys! I have to determine why this sentence is like it is: - I remembered Mom and Dad saying he seemed like a really nice kid Here we have the word saying, that is a gerund, and therefore: Can I say "I remembered Mom and Dad (that)WERE saying he seemed like a really nice kid" Deep inside I realize, "saying" is just another part of the sentence and it means we don't need to add something else, but I can't be certain about this. Maybe we might use "were" and it isn't wrong?
Aug 11, 2018 6:41 PM
Answers · 6
in the original sentence, 'saying' is a present participle. Adding 'were' changes this to the past continuous. Note: - You can't add the 'that' in brackets, it doesn't fit here. - Adding 'were' changes the meaning; without 'were' it simply means you have a memory of them saying this at some time in the past. With 'were' only works if you are describing a specific moment during the time you heard them saying this, e.g. "I remember they were saying he was a really nice kid when he shot them". - You can slightly rewrite the sentence to make 'saying' into a gerund: "I remember their saying he was a really nice kid". This is correct, and has the same meaning as the original, but sounds rather pedantic.
August 11, 2018
Gerunds and present participles look the same but function differently. I like cake. Cake is delicious. (cake = noun) I like swimming. Swimming is fun. (swimming = gerund which functions as a noun) After swimming, I took a nap. (swimming = present participle which functions as a verb)
August 11, 2018
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