State hearings [American English] This is from an American horror movie. A group of police officers and the mayor of Wheelsy, South Carolina (the fictional town where the movie is set) just encountered a monster that spawned lots of parasites infecting people. Mayor: You know what this is? It's goddamn biological weapons, that's what it is. Government's testing them on Wheelsy. You know why? Because I don't take no shit from nobody at those State hearings. Could you please tell me what State hearings mean here? What role does the mayor play in them and what are they for? Thank you! ADDED: That's all the context I've got. None of those hearings was shown or mentioned in any way in the movie. And,, yes, it's a joke.
Aug 13, 2018 2:31 AM
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Without more context, it’s hard to answer your question, but I’ll try. Hearings are official meetings to exam some issue. The hearing could be like a trial before a judge, or in this case, a meeting of government officials. Apparently, there are hearings before the state government involving the mayor. The mayor says that the state government may be attacking his city (Wheelsy) with biological weapons because they don’t like his behavior at the hearings. That sounds ridiculous, so he’s either paranoid or it may make sense in the movie.
August 13, 2018
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