Is it correct?(In which at you are good?) Does this sound good or this one "In which you are good at?". If the first one is wrong, could you please explain why. Thanks!
Aug 13, 2018 2:44 PM
Answers · 4
We would say, "Which one are you good at?" commonly. This is technically incorrect grammar, however, as the sentence ends with a preposition. More formally, you could say, "At which are you proficient?"
August 13, 2018
Hi Your question needs some extra information: - if you use " which" you must have a limited number of something : e.g. which sport winter or summer, which team sports, which school subject, which month - If there is a question form -> inverse the order, so instead " you are good at " , guestion form is "are you good at?" - and prepositions - you need just one: 'AT' or 'IN' but not both So the question: Which summer sport are you good AT? answer: I am good AT swimming. But Which month were you born IN? answer: I was born IN October.
August 13, 2018
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