短篇小说里的歧义 我在看朱肖影的《峡谷》。两个人物讨论另外一个。一个说《据说他家房子盖的楼层高,这次分了三套房》。意思不清楚。是不是她家的房子很大,有机个楼层?或者,她家的房子上面有加了一个顶楼,这个特别高?《这次》的意思是那个顶楼,还是说他现在不住在他家房子,他现在住的房子只有三个房间?
Aug 13, 2018 2:47 PM
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I can understand what you mean and I suppose it's quite normal for you to be confused when come across such kind of content. First of all, I'd like to re-state your words in a more native way, as below: 我在看朱肖影的《峡谷》。有两个人在讨论一件事情。其中一个人说,“据说他家房子盖的楼层高,这次分了三套房”。我不太明白这句话的意思。是不是说他家的房子很大,有几个楼层?或者,他家的房子上面又加了一个顶楼,所以特别高?“这次”的意思是指那个顶楼,还是指他现在没有住在他家的房子,他现在在住的房子只有三个房间? Then, I will try to answer your question: Firstly you should know that in China, when the goverment wants a family to leave their house so that the government can build something on that ground, the government would refund to them according to certain policies. Generally, that family will be guarantted a large amount of money and several new houses. The exact amount will depend on how many people in that family and how big the original house is. In this condition, the house that man owns has 3 floors, which can be considered as big, so this time, the government would refund him nicely, with 3 new houses, just as the text suggests. Hope helps!
August 17, 2018
这和拆迁有关系,一般情况下,如果你自己的房子面积越大,政府拆迁后分给你的房子也越大。比如:A的房子有三层楼 B的房子有两层楼。A和B的房子每层楼面积相同,那么拆迁后A分到的房子应该更多。 文章中应该是说“他家的房子更高,所以拆迁后政府分给他3套房子”(可能别人的房子更低,所以只分给他1套房子)
August 14, 2018
一、“他家房子盖的楼层高”这句话有两个意思,1.楼房的层数比别人多;2.楼房的总面积比别人多。 二、“这次分了三套房”,“这次”是指征收旧房分配(发放/送给)新房这件事。意思=“这次事件(指:拆旧补新)他分到三套房子”
August 14, 2018
以上答复基本对的,这和中国国内拆迁房政策有关,一般来说,新房的数量与旧房的面积有关。原来旧房面积大,分的新房数量越多。小说里说他家旧房子楼层多,相对而言面积就大,所以就分了三套新房子(可能其它人都没分到三套)。文中”这次“的意思指把旧房拆除换新房的机会。For some reason, one's old house need to be removed but they can get new house in exchange. normally, the number of new house is relation to the large of old house. in the novel, it is said he have a more multlayer building than others, so he can get more sets of new house(3 sets in the novel, it means that other peoples get less)."这次”in the novel means this chance to remove old house but get new house.
August 13, 2018
The meaning of this sentence is as follows, he had a three-story house, but the government needed to demolish his house, so he got three houses as compensation for the government.
August 13, 2018
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