Hold on to Hi, there I don't understand this phrasal verb enough to feel really comfortable using it in everyday conversation, can you please let me know how you'd use it in different contexts and situations. For example, Hold on to the ticket, you may use it again later on = (KEEP the ticket, you may use it again later on, are they exact same in meaning?? if no, what's the subtle difference between the two?) Many thanks!
Aug 13, 2018 5:30 PM
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For me, "hold on to" and "Keep" in this particular sentence mean the same thing. "Hold on to" can mean "to keep" or "to not let go of" -An example is when someone tells you to "hold on to" the person you love, meaning "don't let that person go away," or "make sure to keep that person by your side." -In the context of "to not let go of", for example, someone may be about to fall from a cliff and is hanging by just one of his hands. Then someone else throws a rope and tells him/her: "hold on to the rope." This means "to grab the rope and to not let go of it" because they might fall. -Another example could be the sentence, "hold on to hope." When someone is loosing hope about something, and he/she is told "to not let go of hope." I hope these examples are helpful to you.
August 13, 2018
Yes, you have the right idea. So in "hold onto it" we mean the same thing as "keep it". Say you are at a movie and you need to use the bathroom, you need your ticket to get back into the movie after you've gone to the bathroom. So in this case, I would say "hold on to your ticket, you'll need it later", or "hang on to your ticket, you'll need it later" (same meaning).
August 13, 2018
"Hold on to the ticket" and "keep the ticket" have the same meaning. You can also say "keep hold of the ticket".
August 13, 2018
Same. No Difference. . Also can be used somewhat more literally. Hold on to your hat, we are in for a bumby ride. Can be used figuratively for non-rides. :) . Hold on to your dreams. (Keep believing)
August 13, 2018
OK, I really appreciate your help!
August 13, 2018
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