How to ask question by must? Must I go to the home to see my parents?Let me know if this sentence is correct.
Aug 13, 2018 9:34 PM
Answers · 4
Depending on your meaning, it could also be, "Must I go home to see my parents?" If the answer is yes, then you would say, "Yes. I must go home to see my parents."
August 13, 2018
I must go home to see my parents. --> Must I go home to see my parents? I must go to the shop. ==> Must I go to the shop? I must go to the library. --> Must I go to the library?
August 14, 2018
I agree with Valerie. In addition, using "must" usually conveys some sense of obligation (and often not one that is desired by the speaker). So the speaker in your example sounds to me as though they do not wish to go home but are willing to accept the duty or responsibility if the answer they receive is yes, they must go. Also, typically one would just say "Must I go home..." (again, as Valerie shows above). The phrase "to the home" would be considered a strange way to phrase that particular idea in English. By way of contrast, "to the house" (meaning the actual structure itself) is perfectly fine. In English "house" typically refers to the physical structure whereas "home" is more often used in a more personal and emotional way to refer to the place where one lives (that is, it conveys a stronger sense of belonging to that place). I hope that helps!
August 13, 2018
it should be I must go home to see my parents
August 13, 2018
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