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Reality or fact? Dear native speakers or teachers here, Would you like to help me to giving some examples of how to use those two words that used to express things are true. What's the difference? For example, 1. The reality is that I haven't pass the exam. 2, The fact is that I haven't pass the exam.
Aug 14, 2018 9:26 AM
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1. In reality, I didn't pass the exam. 2. The fact is that I didn't pass the exam. 1 is grammatically correct, but number 2 is more common and sounds more natural. You can use this to bring conversation back to the *facts*, if you think that you or your partner have been talking too much about ideas or dreams. I do not think there are any other ways to say exactly this in English. Also: In English you "take an exam". When you take an exam you may "pass" or "fail". For example: "I've taken the exam three times, but I failed each time" "I took the exam and passed" "I've taken the exam, but I will only know next week if I passed or failed" So you could use 1. Past Simple tense or 2. Present Perfect tense 1) The fact is that I didn't pass the exam 2) The fact is that I haven't passed the exam 1 means that you took the exam but failed. 2 means that you have never taken the exam, perhaps you hope to take it in the future.
August 14, 2018
Both are correct uses, though I dont necessarily think people speak in that way. You could say something like: 2+2 is a fact. I should be asleep right now, that is a fact. In reality, I will be up all night doing homework. You think what you are saying is a fact, in reality you are wrong. History books are full of facts.
August 14, 2018
I think, a fact refers more to things or experiences whereas reality is a state of being.
August 14, 2018
You can contrast the two words nicely if you add "in" at the beginning. 1. in fact – often used to emphasize a point e.g. It's been very rainy lately. It fact, I think it's rained every day for the last 2 weeks. 2. in reality – often used to contrast reality with an unreal situation e.g. I have perfect attendance at school. In reality, I've only been to half the classes.
August 14, 2018
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