Translation Please Can you please give me an English translation of the following words and/or an explanation in English of what the following words mean? 1) traguardo = ? 2) sbocchi professionali = ? 3) parola sdrucciola = ? 4) parola tronca = ? Thank you.
Aug 15, 2018 12:37 AM
Answers · 1
Ciao Wilson, here you go: 1) traguardo: this can mean two different things - in the most immediate sense, it's the finish line of a race (most commonly you'll hear the expression "tagliare il traguardo", meaning to reach/go past the finish line), but more metaphorically it can also mean a goal or objective achieved. 2) sbocchi professionali: "career prospects" ("sbocco" by itself means an outlet or a way out). 3) parola sdrucciola: in Italian most words have the stress on the second to last syllable; however, sometimes the stress falls on the third to last, and in that case the word is defined "sdrucciola"; an example can be "tavolo", because the stress falls on the a. 4) parola tronca: similarly, "parola tronca" is a word where the stress falls on the last syllable - in this case, the stress is also visually marked with an accent, for example in the word "libertà". Hope this helps!
August 15, 2018
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