what's the difference among anlatmak, söylemek, demek and konuşmak? All of this means speak,tell, say, it made me confused
Aug 15, 2018 3:47 PM
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anlatmak : to give information, to explain söylemek : to tell what you know or think konuşmak : to speak, to talk demek : to say
August 15, 2018
Anlatmak has a different meaning then demek and söylemek. It is not used in direct speech. Anlatmak = to narrate, to explain Söylemek and Demek are used in direct and indirect speech. Dedi is used in direct speech whereas söyledi is used in indirect speech: Ahmet, "bana yardım et" dedi. Ahmet, kendisine yardım etmemi söyledi. Konuşmak = to speak, to talk Like the verb "anlatmak" they are not used after speeches made by someone else. They are action verbs used to portray an action in a sentence. - Ahmet uzun bir hikaye anlattı. - Ben Ayşe ile dün konuştum.
August 16, 2018
Bana bir şey de. Bana bir şey söyle. >Tell me something. (literally: say something to me.) Ne dediğini anlamadım. Ne söylediğini anlamadım. >I didn't understand what you said./told. Sınıfta bana X Bey derlerdi. >They used to call me Mr. X in the classroom. | demek: to call (in this context) Bugün geleceğini söylemiştin. Ne oldu? Niye gelmedin? >You had told that you would come today. What happened? Why didn't you come?
August 16, 2018
söz 1anything said (word, sentence, speech) 2promise sözlük dictionary atasözü proverb (word of ancestor) söz vermek to promise söylemek 1to say (in indirect speechs) 2to sing (literally: to say song lyrics) söylenti rumour demek (after direct quotes) to say demek ki that's to say deme kind of traditional poem
August 16, 2018
*all of these añ (ancient Turkish) anlamak to understand anlayış understanding (noun) anlayışlı understanding (adjective) anlatmak to help someone to understand > to tell anlatım way of expression
August 16, 2018
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