Vandaan heb ik thuis gewerkt want ik om 1 uur naar de dokter moest gaan - correct word order? I'm not sure about the word order in the subordinate sentence starting with 'want' - can you tell me if the placement of 'moest' is correct, or does it need to go somewhere else? Thanks in advance!
Aug 15, 2018 8:32 PM
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Hi Angela, when you use the conjunctions want, maar, en, of to link to sentences, both sentences keep their original work order. sentence 1: Vandaag heb ik thuis gewerkt sentence 2: ik moest naar de dokter . Vandaag heb ik thuis gewerkt WANT ik moest naar de dokter. When you use other words to connect the sentences, then all the verbs move towards the back of the subclause. Ik heb vandaag thuis gewerkt OMDAT ik naar de dokter moest.
August 16, 2018
You're mixing these two up (both of my phrases below are correct options, but each with a different sentence order): Vandaag heb ik thuis gewerkt, want ik moest om 1 uur naar de dokter. Vandaag heb ik thuis gewerkt omdat ik om 1 uur naar de dokter moest. Drop the 'gaan' as well. It's not necessary and the phrase sounds more natural without it.
August 15, 2018
Dear Angela, The easiest way to remember this is with the mnemonic MOWED. M = maar (but) O = of (or) W= want (because) E= en (and) D= dus (so) In the sub clause with conjunctions, the verb always moves to the end except for MOWED. When you use the words of MOWED, you make a main clause and a main clause. e.g. A: Ik ga naar de bioscoop omdat ik deze film leuk vind. B: Ik ga naar de bioscoop want ik vind deze film leuk. A: main clause, sub clause - the verb goes always to the end. B: main clause, main clause (because the word want is in MOWED) Groetjes, Jannette
September 7, 2018
Thank you both for your answers!
August 18, 2018
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