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sort or type What's the difference between sort or type when those two words used to express the identification of things.
Aug 16, 2018 11:52 AM
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maybe.. "This is the type of item you wouldn't want your children to be around as it is dangerous" - For this sentence you can use "type" and "sort" (however "type" is kind of more formal) "This vase is sort of, unsymmetrical and the colours have worn off" - you shouldn't use "type" for this sentence as it doesn't make much sense
August 16, 2018
They are very similar, almost interchangeable. "Sort' I use for things that can be sorted, selected. E.g. These sorts of items. This sort of example, things that can be seen as a class, or as a set. "Type" is used for similar classifications, sets, etc according to my dictionary. I use 'type" for types of people, (their characteristics) such as an angry type of person, a neat type of person. You can also say, this type of thing (class or set/arrangements), Type 2 diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, Sorry I don't know the exact answer. Examples help, idiom helps.
August 16, 2018
i thank they mean te same
August 16, 2018
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