seeking confirmation on phonetic issue please do NOT start this from the beginning but try first at 0:060. I have been playing this numerous times and all i hear is 와이씨거지냐 phonetically. Conspicuously my ears cannot detect the ㅁ consonant at the frontal position, which does not surprise me since i have encountered many instances where frontal consonant is so soft that i can barely pick it up. I would just like to see if the natives in fact can hear the ㅁ sound by skipping the first half of the recording (thus shielding them from judging from the contextual aid for interpretation) btw, it is 맛있을 거 같 짆냐, according to what my native friends claim
Aug 16, 2018 2:23 PM
Answers · 1
I think 맛 is fairly clearly said. It has a nonstandard (southern dialect) intonation, but not hard to understand. The last part is slurred a bit, but I can clearly hear 맛있을 거 같지 않아?
August 17, 2018
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