Hey! Can u help me pick a Chinese name? I've got a few options: 康洁爽 康佳斯 康静沙 寇佳斯 寇洁爽 寇静沙 My name is Jessica. I'm 26, on the shy side but once I open up, creative and easygoing.
Aug 16, 2018 4:08 PM
Answers · 12
Jessica=杰西卡 也很好啊。沙用于女姓名是用这个莎,寇静莎
August 17, 2018
寇静沙 is a great option. Although, we usually translate Jessica to 杰西卡。
August 18, 2018
我觉得你可以用这个相似的姓“柯”,比较好听。 这些名字都不错: 柯静茜 柯静熙 柯静曦 柯静夕 柯静惜 (还可以把“静”换成“婧”)
August 17, 2018
Definitely don't use the ones containing 洁爽, which sounds like a feminine hygiene product. 康静莎 is the best IMHO. Changing 沙 to 莎 for girls. The 艹 top that looks like small grasses means plants, and characters with that top part are usually used for girl names. Looks more beautiful.
August 18, 2018
I feel that 寇静沙 sounds good.
August 16, 2018
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