How to use regarding and regard to ? Is it different in terms of using in the sentence.
Aug 16, 2018 4:29 PM
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Hey Jeerapat, I shall provide you with information regarding the usage of these expressions. Firstly, you should know that ''regarding'', ''as regards'', ''in/with regard to (something)'' have pretty much the same meaning, which is ''concerning'', ''about'', ''with reference/respect to (something).'' So, you might choose any of these idioms as you please. 1) ''Regarding'' = this idiom is the most used in daily conversation. Sometimes people choose to use 'concerning' or 'about' instead of 'regarding' since they have the same meaning. E.g.: ''I have sent you an e-mail regarding the offer you proposed me.'' E.g.: ''Regarding your skills, I dare say you will most likely win the game tonight.'' E.g.: ''He taught me everything regarding the English grammar rules.'' 2) ''In/With regard to...'' = this expression is not commonly used in daily conversation. You shall notice it being used in formal letters or documents, as having the very meaning of ''concerning somebody/something''. E.g.: ''In regard to that proposal, I think we should postpone moving forward with it for the time being.'' E.g.: ''The Judge held that the laws with regard to human rights shall be reviewed. E.g.: ''The company’s position in/with regard to overtime is made clear in the contracts. 3) ''As regards...'' = As opposed to ''regarding'', this idiom is not very much used by people in daily conversation. As a non-native speaker, I shall advise you to use it only if you wish to state something in a formal conversation or writing. E.g.: ''As regards the method of payment, a decision will be made after the contract has been signed.'' E.g.: ''As regards to that man, he proved to be unworthy of forgiveness.'' * [Hint: these phrases are sometimes regarded as unwieldy substitutes for 'about' or 'concerning', which may be easily substituted if desired. The phrases 'in regards to' and 'with regards to', with the 's' added in the end, are widely rejected as errors.] Hope you have understood it! :)
August 17, 2018
Hi Jeerapat, They both mean "concerning/about" and are used to refer to the subject is being talked or written about. 1. If for example you write an e-mail you can say : "I am writing regarding your job offer" or "I am writing with regard to your job offer. 2. If you speak you can say: " I would like to talk to you regarding Mark's health condition" or "I'd like to talk to you with regard to Mark's health condition ".
August 16, 2018
In both cases, the 'thing' in question comes afterward, so you would never use either of these at the end of a sentence. When you use "regard to" you would always say either "with regard to ____", or "in regard to ____", but never just "regard to ___". Although, just from personal experience, "with regard to" doesn't usually come at the beginning of a sentence. Aside from that, their uses are very very similar. "In regard to your last email, I have sent you the file." "Please confirm your appointment regarding your bank account" "Regarding your enquiry, I am pleased to confirm that your seat on the plane is confirmed."
August 16, 2018
Regarding this question they are similar. As regards this question also With regard to this question too. As you can see, 'regarding' involves using fewer words.
August 16, 2018
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