Is "ein" necessary in sentences that begin with "Ich bin _____"? Hallo, ich habe eine Frage. Is it necessary to use the article "ein" in sentences that begin with "Ich bin _____"? For example, should I say "Ich bin ein Sprachlerner" or simply "Ich bin Sprachlerner"? "Ich bin ein Sicherheitsbeamter" or just "Ich bin Sicherheitsbeamter"? Which one sounds more natural in German? And are both acceptable? Please let me know.
Aug 16, 2018 9:45 PM
Answers · 3
Both ways are possible! You can use "ein" but you don't really have to. It actually sounds more native when you just say "Ich bin..." e.g. Ich bin Arzt. It's the same when you ask somebody about his job. -> Als was arbeitest du? Ich arbeite als (EIN) Arzt. And it even sounds here more natural when you don't use "ein". Hope that helps!
August 16, 2018
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