Is this sentence correct? Is this sentence correct? 저는 내일 올 수도 있지 않아요 If it isn't, what is another form of saying it? Thank you!!
Aug 16, 2018 10:34 PM
Answers · 2
저는 내일 올 수도 있지 않아요 sounds a little strange. (P-가) V-ㄹ 수도 있다 means "It is possible (for P) to V" or "P might V", as in 내일 비가 올 수도 있어요 (It might rain tomorrow), or 영숙 씨는 안 올 수도 있어요 (It is possible that 영숙 won't come). It is usually used about things out of one's direct control. Here are possible related sentences. - 저는 내일 와도 되지 않아요? = Isn't it also okay for me to come tomorrow? * -도 되다 = is okay (for someone) to ... - 저는 내일 못 올지도 몰라요. = I might not be able to come tomorrow (i.e. something might prevent me). * V-ㄹ지도 모른다 = it is possible (for someone/something) to V; (someone/something) might (possibly) V. Let me know if you meant something entirely different.
August 17, 2018
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