Ho Ting
這句的句型是S+V+IO+DO,但我不知道分別是哪些 The woman who got $7,000,000 in the latterly gave a charity for orphans about half of the money she won.
Aug 17, 2018 4:14 PM
Answers · 1
That’s what we call a “complex sentence” — there are two clauses. (By the way, there are a lot of problems with the sentence — perhaps you copied inaccurately). First, I’ll provide a correct and slightly simpler version: The woman who won $7,000,000 in the lottery gave about half the money (that) she got to charity for orphans. Main clause: The woman gave about half the money to charity (for orphans). Subject: The woman Direct object: half the money Prepositional phrase: to charity (Note, we can use a prepositional phrase, usually with “to”, instead of an indirect object. Such prepositional phrases come after the direct object. Alternatively, we could indeed say “The woman gave orphans the money.” However, this construction doesn’t work well when the IO consists of multiple words in a phrase.) Relative clause (not an independent sentence): (that) she got: Describes the money
August 17, 2018
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