How would you say this? So recently some K-ARMYs have been sending me words of encouragement. It's hard to reply back as I'm just beginning to learn but I want to know how to say "I-ARMYs love K-ARMYs. You're all so sweet." I'm not sure how to spell i-army or k-army. Do you sound it out? Just for future reference. :^)
Aug 17, 2018 4:55 PM
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Here's the answer: 우리 아이아미는 케이아미 여러분을 사랑해요. 여러분 모두 정말 멋져요. Uri I-ARMYneun K-ARMY yeoreobuneul saranghaeyo. Yeoreobun modu jeongmal meotjyeoyo. Now I'll explain how to actually pronounce them and what do they exactly mean, phrase by phrase: 우리 아이아미는: Oo-ri ai ami noon This means: "We, I-ARMYs (Subject)" 케이 아미 여러분을: kei ami yo-ro-boon ul This means: "you, people of K-ARMYs (Object)" 사랑해요: sa rang he yo This means: "love (Verb)" 여러분 모두: Yoroboon mo-doo This means: "You all (Subject)" 정말: jung mal This means: "really (Adv.)" 멋져요: mot jyo yo This means: "(are) sweet. (*Ad.)" Note: In Korean, adjectives(형용사) modify subjects, like "be + Ad." in English. And the role of adjectives in English(modifying nouns directly) is substituted by 'prenouns(관형사)' in Korean. I hope this helped you. ('<')
August 18, 2018
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