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Please help me with these acronyms. Context: Some of the words were only jumbles of letters. The others stood out with startling effect as Krause read them in the faint red light. REINFORCEMENT DESPATCHED. A muddle of letters. ESCORT GROUP CAPTAIN EARL OF BANFF SNO. More muddles, EXPECT AIRCRAFT OP ORD 378-42 APPENDIX HYPO. More muddles. “I’m sure of sir,” said Dawson, stabbing a finger at OP 〇RD. “Here it is.” Attached to the clip-board in addition to the message was the reference-HIS CHALLENGE UW YOUR ANSWER BD. Question: I'm reading a WWII novel named The Good Shepherd, written by C. S. Forester. But I don't know exactly: 1. What does this 'His Challenge UW YOUR ANSWER BD‘ mean? What do 'UW' and 'BD' refer to? 2. What is an ESCORT GROUP? 3. Does 'OP ORD' mean 'Operations Order'? Does 378-42 refer to some kind of serial number, right? 4. What does 'APPENDIX HYPO' mean? I know HYPO is an intelligence station in Hawaii.
2018年8月17日 18:17
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Sorry, I'm not sure. It probably isn't important to understand them. If you go on reading, some of them are explained a few paragraphs later. "SNO" means "senior naval officer." "HYPO" might mean simply "below." UW and BD probably don't mean anything. I think they are meaningless codes, to prove identity. The arriving reinforcements will "challenge" by sending the code "BD" and they are supposed to prove they are the right ships by answering with the "response" "BD." An "escort group" is some kind of naval term for an organized team of several warships that are supposed to sail with a convoy, "escort" them, and protect them from enemy action. I agree with your guesses about OP ORD and 378-42. I read this book a long time ago. I really enjoy C. S. Forester. He's most famous for a series of books about a fictitious naval captain, "Horatio Hornblower."
Thank you very much!
“Some of it’s badly scrambled, sir,” apologized Dawson. “I’ve done the best I can with it. . This tells us that not everything here makes sense. Some Quoting: SNO meant senior naval officer in accordance with British usage, . Basically, I have no clue, sorry.
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