我怎么能翻译这歌标题? 我想歌曲标题翻译成英文,但我找不到合适的翻译。 歌曲是:北京歌手鹿晗的《封印》 安徽歌手李荣浩的《快让我在雪地上撒点儿野》、台湾歌手们 SpeXial的《發飆》、韋禮安的《兩腳書櫥的逃亡》和《江郎》。
Aug 18, 2018 1:13 PM
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Hi, Camyla 我试着给你解释一下可能对你来说是难点的地方 因为你已经问两次了, 但没人回复其实已经说明一切, 很难翻译 :-/ 首先 这些歌我都没听过 所以只能按歌名字面去理解. 1. 快让我在雪地上撒点儿野, 撒野 is a very Chinese expression, which is usually used as a verb to mean someone physically does something or/and verbally says something IMPROPERLY, so it's mainly used in a negative way but depending on different contexts and tone of voice, it CAN be a neutral word, meaning "do whatever I want" Then back to the song title, if I were to translate it into English, I'd probably use "run wild", because you do have this word in English, and if replacing run with ACT still makes sense to you, then use "act wild" 2. 发飙 = to have an outburst of anger. Thus, "Throw a tantrum" should be an equivalent in English. 这个词在中文里很常用。 3. 两脚书橱的逃亡,I guess the bookshelf is personalized, thinking of bookshelf's legs as people's legs. 4. 江郎是中国古时候的一个人名. 有个相关的成语 "江郎才尽" 我们现在用它去形容 someone is running out of skills, ability and knowledge to make further progress or breakthrough at a certain field or on a certain thing, or to deal with a situation. 5. 封印, it looks familiar to me. but I honestly don't know what it means and I also can't see myself saying it in the future, haha, so I'll just leave it to someone else. Hope it helps a bit. :)
August 18, 2018
“封印”is a verb/noun meaning seal something that is bad(like legend monster) by the taichi,incantation or other way. So the word usually show up in the novel,myth. You won't see it in the peacetime
August 28, 2018
哦谢谢! 我刚看到他来自安徽
August 19, 2018
August 19, 2018
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