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Does 'Ĉu vi volas praktiku kune?' mean 'Do you want to practice together?'?
19 авг. 2018 г., 0:21
Answers · 5
Yes, but the correct sentence is : "Ĉu vi volas praktiki kune?" With "povas", "volas" and "devas" you have to use the infinitive form for the second verb. I hope it's helpful!
25 августа 2018 г.
I would say «ekzerci».
18 декабря 2018 г.
No, the ending -u is imperative. It can't be used in this sentence. You should use the ending -i.
19 сентября 2018 г.
No. "Praktiki" means something closer "to put into practice." Usually it's used to mean "practice" as in "to practice medicine". Some speakers will say that "praktiki Esperanton" is always a mistake. I disagree. It's fine to use if you mean you're using it for practical communication. To say "practice" in the English sense, the word with the closest meaning is "lerni."
1 сентября 2018 г.
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