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Is it right? By the former as by the 35 I let you off the hook but be careful next time. Time is the doin of your life. It is the only doin you have A. ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ Is this right English? Is this like slang for song lyrics or is it another language only for some people living in a backstreet? If it is correct English, help me!!! I don't get (as by the 35), (time is the doin of your life) and (it is the only doing you have A). Thank you in advance!!!!
Aug 19, 2018 7:32 AM
Answers · 5
They look like rap/hip-hop lyrics. Normally lyrics don't follow normal grammar rules, putting priority on melody/beat. In this example though, no, it's not correct English. This lyric seems to be talking about someone being let off the hook for a prison sentence.
August 19, 2018
(as by the 35) - I don't know because it's taken out of context. What is the former? (time is the doin of your life) - doing time in prison is the consequence of what you've done in your life. (it is the only doing you have A) - this is the total of what you've done with your life, eh?
August 19, 2018
Matt. It is written on a cap.
August 19, 2018
May I ask where those sentences are from?
August 19, 2018
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