check my translation I tryed to translate a legal phrase from English to Chinese and would like to get comments on my translation. the English sourse: In light of the above, we hereby confirm that registration of 60% of the shares of Ao Shi Tuo International Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. whose name in English is Asticit East Asian Business Development (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. ("the Shares"), in your name in August 2013, prior to your marriage in September 2013, is significant in terms of Israeli law, which can materially affect the question of ownership of shares in the event of divorce or the cancelation of the marriage. my translation to chinese: 鉴于上述内容,我们确认:注册的翱世拓国际贸易(上海) 有限公司(英文为:Asticit East Asian Business Development (Shanghai) Ltd)(以下称为“这些股份”),在 2013年8月,在您2013年9月结婚之前记在您的名下, 60%的股份, 按照以色列的法律,很明显这种时间关系会对离婚或婚姻取消后,这些股份的归属产生根本上的影响。 thank you very much!
Aug 19, 2018 12:10 PM