Caleb Johansen
When should I use شناختن, دانستن, and بلد هستن? I'm pretty sure all of these verbs mean 'to know', but I'm not sure when and in what situations to use each one. If any explanation can be provided along with example sentences, I would be very thankful!

(*EDIT* I mean بلد بودن for the verb in the title)

Aug 19, 2018 9:23 PM
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بلد بودن usually means knowing how to "do" something, or knowing a skill. Another English equivalent for it could be "can" من بلدم شنا کنم I know how to swim / I know swimming. (I can swim) من بلدم انگلیسی صحبت کنم I know how to speak English. (I can speak English) من انگلیسی بلدم I know English من این آدرس رو بلدم.I know this address. شناختن means to recognize, or to identify. من این محله رو نمیشناسم. I don't know this area. من اون رو تو دبیرستان می شناختم. I knew him at high school. دانستن means to understand, perceive or to be aware of something. من نمی دونم چرا این اتفاق افتاد. I don't know why this happened. من می دونم چطوری باید به اونجا رفت. I know how we should go there.
August 20, 2018
"دانستن" means knowing a fact, while "شناختن" means 1-to recognize someone or something that you were familiar with previously or 2-to get more familiar with someone you were familiar with, on the other hand, "بلد بودن" means to be familiar with a science, working with a machine, address, etc. example : من فارسی بلد هستم. من بلد هستم داستان های فارسی را بخوانم. من دوست قدیمی ام را از بین جمعیت شناختم. او انسان بدی نیست. من تازه شخصیت مهربان او را شناخته ام. من در مورد خورشید، چیزهای بسیاری می¬دانم. من می¬دانم که مدادت را کجا گذاشته ای. I hope it helped:)
August 20, 2018
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